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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I hate the I'm-sorry-for-not-posting-blah-blah-blah.

But... yeah, sorry for not posting.

I was busy sewing this for Magnus's first Christmas. But I have NOT abandoned this project and I WILL be posting more regularly. Cross my heart and hope to have another baby.
The other shit that's been going on is that I've had THREE, countem THREE procedures to repair my nanny after all this baby-having stuff. Its all been minor, but when you add stitches + stitches + stitches it equals = NO SEX and no skiing and kinda sucks. I'm thinking I'm in the home stretch now though.
Thankfully, I'm not only good at laughing at myself but good at when you all laugh at me too. I was in the parking lot today with some coworkers as they made jokes about the hole in my labia and wouldn't it be funny to string one of those wallet chains through it and have your wallet in your back pocket. There were gestures involved. GESTURES!
It was funny.
So yeah. I do intend to write about sex after childbirth. I just have to have it first. I'm sure it will be magical. Or something.

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